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Concept events are here to make your dream wedding a reality. Weddings are the union of two people and here at concept we craft weddings which tell your fairy tale story in the most enchanting way. Being one of the new age wedding planners, we understand weddings are not just the union of two people, it is the coming together of two unique personalities. We understand how to combine your unique personalities with our expertise to craft your fairytale wedding. We take full responsibility to make your wedding a truly memorable affair. We are the perfect destination wedding planners to organize your fairy-tale wedding.

Wedding Management For A Couple That Is One Of Its Kind

Wedding Planning and Coordination

At the heart of our wedding planning strategy lies knowing who you are. Who you aspire to be. And who (or what) is most important to the couple. We leave no stone unturned, no detail unnoticed, and no avenue unexplored.

Our expert specialists organise everything perfectly that you desire from choosing your dream venue, to curating the guest lists, to choosing the most delicious cuisine, designing invitations, pre weddings shoots. With our 360 degree approach in handling everything, we got you covered.

Wedding Design and Styling

We keep your needs and desires at the forefront when it comes to designing and styling a wedding. Concept gives wings to your fairy tale wedding, with the design which blends both your personalities in the most unique and mesmerising way.

We make certain that you get the best décor expert, one who is up to date on the latest trends and design. We can help you come up with some incredible and luxurious wedding decoration ideas.

Wedding Day Coordination

Whether it’s a destination wedding or a traditional wedding, we’re here to create memories for you and your family that will last a lifetime.

You just sit back, relax and play a great host. We will take care of everything for you and make it the most special day for the couple and their families.

Why choose us for Wedding Event Management?

We are full service wedding planners with a team of skilled specialists with years of experience.

They will ensure that everything runs smoothly from selecting your dream venue for a destination wedding to crafting guest lists to selecting the most delectable cuisine, designing invitations, and pre-wedding photographs. We leave no stone unturned to make the most important day of your life special and memorable.

Knowing who you are is at the heart of our wedding planners strategy. . Who you want to be in the future. Our team works in collaboration with your ideas and vision and enhances them with concepts of their own to make it a truly memorable affair.

Being the best wedding event management company with leading wedding planners, we understand the importance of a budget when it comes to planning a grand most important event of your life. We customize the wedding budget according to your suggestions and preferences and provide the best tailor made solutions for your dreamy perfect wedding.

Make Your Wedding Magical Yet Easy With Us

Detailing to perfection

Our designers and planners work together to plan your wedding experience from start to finish.

Immense Experience

Our experience enables us to organize perfect events so that you can enjoy your wedding to the fullest.

Complete Management

We are the best at being consistent and we have the right staff for everything.

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FAQs about Wedding Planners

Wedding planners are specialists who help their clients with the design, planning, and execution of their wedding.They are responsible for wedding logistics, negotiating vendor contracts, and ensuring that wedding-day activities run smoothly.
A successful wedding takes at least 2-3 months to organize if you plan on inviting anyone other than yourself and your significant other. And that’s assuming you’re well-organized, know exactly what you want, and are prepared to be inventive or have a wedding planner by your side to make your wedding a memorable smooth affair.

If you are not in a rush, you should ideally give yourself at least 6 months to plan a wedding. The more your preparation time is compressed, the more concessions and trade-offs you’ll have to make. This can lead to an increase in stress levels. You don’t want your wedding day to feel like a rushed affair in the end.
There are countless checklists to ensure a stress-free and wonderful wedding. Our last-minute wedding checklist curated by our wedding planners, on the other hand, has been meticulously crafted particularly for you.
  • Make a List of the pending tasks
  • Delegate responsibilities
  • Process of legalising your marriage
  • Be certain about the documents you need and the procedure you have to follow
  • Confirm the arrangements made for your guests
  • Caterer and logistics
  • Finalising last minute changes for your attires
  • Honeymoon travel details
  • Big Day Emergency Kit
  • Gather your friends and family and just enjoy your days leading up to the marriage
  1. Something old,
  2. Something new
  3. Something borrowed
  4. Something blue

These 4 things should be worn (or carried) by brides on their wedding day for good luck.

While following the list isn’t a prerequisite, it can be a meaningful approach to include treasured people, objects, and memories on your big day.

Why choose us for Corporate Event Management?
  • We are the best Corporate Event Management firm in India, Delhi/NCR and Gurugram who can handle events of any size and provide service-oriented solutions for any of your events.
  • Our Corporate services include everything from event planning to execution, managing venues, vendors, logistics, and much more.
  • We are open to new ideas and dedicated to building a spectacular reputation for your business, with a strong focus on customer satisfaction.