NCSI President’s Message

Speaker 1

Dear Friends & Delegates,

It is my pleasure to take over the responsibility as President of Nuclear Cardiological Society of India (NCSI) and lead its elected Executive Committee comprising of experienced and energetic nuclear medicine physicians.
Nuclear Cardiological Society of India has completed glorious 25 years since its inception in 1995. There are currently more than 300 centers in India, which are offering wide spectrum of nuclear cardiology services, ranging from its conventional established role in ischemic heart disease to evaluation of infiltrative & inflammatory myocardial disorders including amyloidosis, sarcoidosis and endocarditis.
Nuclear Cardiology Services in India,are no longer limited to few metro cities and tertiary care teaching hospitals but have expandedvistas to 3-tier peripheral cities and stand-alone private diagnostic centers.
The Covid-19 pandemic has given us lot of challenges this year but at the same times opened many new opportunities too. We could continue our academic deliberations through series of webinars by our active members. We are gearing up to have our 13th Biennial NCSI conference in hybrid/ virtual mode on Oct 2 & 3, 2021.
I strongly believe that organizing team comprising our colleagues Dr. Atul Verma & Dr. Sanjeev Pandey at FORTIS ESCORTS Heart Institute, Delhi under the mentorship of Chairman Dr. Askok Seth, will make this conference more LIVE and REAL.
I take this opportunity to thank Dr. Satish Nath, Dr. Piyush Chandra and management of MIOT International for conducting successful 12th NCSI Conference at Chennai.

Dr. Anshu Rajnish Sharma

President, NCSI (2020-2021)